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RHSC Teams Up with the NFLPA's Professional Athlete's Foundation to Promote Better Hearing Health

After a yearlong process, Rochester Hearing & Speech Center is pleased to announce a partnership with the National Football League's Player Association Professional Athlete's Foundation. This partnership is in collaboration with the NFLPA and CQ Partners.

Our mission is to educate the public about recreational causes of hearing loss and ways to prevent it. Over time, sounds above 85 decibels can lead to permanent hearing loss. Highmark Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills, had its loudest recorded crowd noise during the 2023 home game versus the Miami Dolphins. At 124.8 decibels, calls, refs, and sports announcers were rendered completely inaudible and lead to Coach McDermott to state at a later press conference that "It sounded like jet engines out there, it really did. I mean it was... it was deafening." He wasn't wrong. In comparison, a single jet engine takes off at around 120 decibels!

This level of fandom doesn't just have an effect on the opposing teams' offensive strategy, it can have a permanent effect on those who attend the games, both athletes and fans at professional and amateur events.

So together with the NFLPA, RHSC plans to spread awareness and help those in need of hearing health care. Not only for former pro players, but for the fans, no matter what their sport or who they're rooting for.

Click here to read our press release announcing this exciting endeavor to our media partners.

RHSC_NFLPA_ PressRelease[71]
Download PDF • 245KB

Here's the video of RHSC President & CEO, Bob Russell, announcing our partnership with the NFL Player's Association Professional Athlete's Foundation!


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