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Grant Funded Programs

Mom and child climbing on gym equipment

Early Intervention (EI)
Guided Playdates 

(Preschool-aged Children)

These two-hour playdates provide an opportunity for parents/caregivers to interact with licensed therapists while they engage in developmentally appropriate activities with their child/children and other families! 

Mini-seminars on topics of interest are also provided during the events.


Hosted by Rochester Hearing & Speech Center with collaboration from Nazareth College, Monroe County Early Intervention Program,

Pirate Toy Fund, and Parents Helping Parents.


EI Guided Playdates are made possible by a generous grant from

The Golisano Foundation.

More information including program dates can be found HERE.

A FREE event for children awaiting 
Early Intervention services!

Dad holding child

Dynamic Babies

RHSC's Dynamic Babies Program combats "container baby syndrome" and reduces the incidence of delays in infant development.


Parents and children post-COVID have been subject to an experience desert that has negatively impacted early childhood development. The numbers of children needing Early Intervention Services has increased exponentially and the waiting list for services in our area is currently in the thousands.

Dynamic Babies brings vital information regarding infant play and positioning to parents so that they are able to optimize their babies’ health and development. Proper positioning and functional play interactions can positively affect muscle, motor and vestibular system development, vision and visual processing, experiential knowledge to form cognitive references, and development of functional play skills, social skills, and initial communication and emotional bonding experiences.

RHSC's LLM Program was developed in 2021 to address barriers to screening for Early Intervention services during and post-COVID, and seeks to achieve three primary goals:


  • To identify children who are demonstrating developmental delays or who are at-risk for delays at the Hudson Avenue Head Start. This is accomplished through weekly immersion in the Head Start classrooms and collaboration with the Get Ready to Grow program for developmental screenings.

  • To provide direct therapy and instruction to children in the areas of speech-language, occupational and physical therapy once per week in the Head Start classrooms.

  • To provide teachers and staff with tools needed to work effectively and proactively with all children in the classrooms beyond the scope of time when RHCS providers are offering direct support, training teachers in techniques and strategies to work with children who are demonstrating delays or are at-risk for delays.

Learning Through
Language & Movement

Children at school
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