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Occupational Therapy Services

Child and parent

Occupational Therapy Services
(0-5 years of age)

Rochester Hearing and Speech Center employs highly educated New York State Licensed Occupational Therapists, who specialize in evaluating, treating and facilitating sensory processing and fine motor development utilizing therapeutic, play-based interventions to address a wide range of developmental and sensory processing delays including, but not limited to:

  • Fine Motor Skills (grasping, dexterity)

  • Coordination (eye-hand coordination, using both hands to participate in activities)

  • Strength and Endurance

  • Motor Planning (following sequences of routines, completing multi-step motor movements)

  • Visual-Perception (eye tracking, matching)

  • Visual-Motor (drawing, using scissors)

  • Sensory Processing (attention to tasks, tolerating sound/touch/taste/movement, providing calming and alerting activities to help with self-regulation)

  • Oral Motor Skills (feeding, tolerating food textures/tastes)

  • Daily Living Skills (dressing, feeding, toileting)

  • Functional Play Skills (social interactions with peers/adults, functional use of toys/materials)

  • Reflex Integration

Other Support & Expertise

Other Supports and Expertise include:

  • Developing Sensory Diets (customized therapeutic intervention plan to improve ability to perform daily activities, attend for learning, appropriate social interactions, sensory regulation/modulation/processing)

  • Providing Adaptive Equipment to improve functional independence
    (feeding, positioning, sensory)

  • Oral Motor – Feeding

  • Consulting with other team members, parents and caregivers to provide
    suggestions and to ensure carryover of therapeutic activities.

  • Parent Education

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