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Special Education Services

Children at play in classroom

Rochester Hearing and Speech (RHSC) employs experienced, New York State-certified special education teachers who provide direct and indirect/consultation services to facilitate individuals with learning.

Direct services include:

  • Cognitive development (memory, problem-solving, functional play skills)

  • Pre-academic development (matching and sorting, colors, shapes)

  • Social and emotional development (emotional needs, interpersonal skills, and how to relate to friends, relatives, and other adults)

  • Self-help/adaptive skills (ability to cope independently in the environment)

  • Attending skills​ and group participation

Indirect/consultation services include:

  • Guiding general childhood teachers, parents, and family members

  • Demonstrating, practicing, and coaching specific techniques

  • Providing emotional support and encouragement

Special Education Services
(0-5 years of age)

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