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Audiology Services

person using bluetooth assistive listening device

Assistive Listening Devices

Our HearTech program offers individuals with hearing loss an opportunity to try different devices (e.g., amplified telephone, TV listener, alerting devices) to meet their individual listening needs. Assistive devices are available at all of our locations,
with a showroom at our Brighton office.

  • Bluetooth Devices

  • Bluetooth Amplified Accessories

  • Digital Amplified Devices

  • Wireless Doorbell Chime

  • Fire Alarm and Clock & Visual Alert System


Solutions for easier living with hearing loss:

  • CSC600/WCSC600 Amplified Freedom Phone™ with full ClearDigital™ Power

  • CSC1000 Amplified Freedom Phone™ with Full ClearDigital™ Power

  • ClearSounds® A400 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone and the A500 with Answering Machine

  • CR200 ClearRing Amplified Telephone Ring Signaler

  • ANS3000 Digital Amplified Answering Machine with Slow Speech

  • ClearBlue™ Bluetooth TV & Audio Listening System

  • Quattro Bluetooth Amplified Accessory

  • CLA7v2 Amplified Power Neckloop Accessory

  • Sonic Alert Travel-Sized/Bedside Clock with Bed Shaker

  • SW200 Shake Up Wake Up Alarm Clock

  • Heath/Zenith SL-6144A (TR-34) Wireless Doorbell Chime

  • Lifetone HL Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock

  • AlertMaster® Visual Alert System

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