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RHSC's Associate Board Hosts Fundraiser & Young Professionals' Networking Event

On Thursday, February 1st, Rochester Hearing & Speech Center’s new Associate Board hosted their first fundraiser, a guest bartending event at The Sheffield in Brighton, raising more than $1,500 for programs and services at RHSC!


The event was attended by well over 100 young professionals as well as friends and supporters of RHSC and its Associate Board. Guests enjoyed a raffle with specialty baskets and items donated by Pinnacle Wine & Liquor, Need & Co. Salon & Spa, Hedonist Chocolates, Swiftwater Brewing Co., and Caverlie’s Irish Pub, as well as individual donors.


RHSC’s Associate Board Members include Nick Steblenko, Rachel Mastin, and Sarah Hackett, with RHSC’s Human Resources Manager Ayleen Lawless serving as Chair/staff liaison. The purpose of the Associate Board is to raise awareness about Rochester Hearing & Speech Center, and to engage young professionals with our nonprofit mission.


For Associate Board Member Rachel Mastin, the connection with RHSC is highly personal. Rachel received Early Intervention services many years ago, and credits RHSC – specifically her teacher, speech pathologist Beth McLellan – for giving her a voice in life. Beth is now RHSC’s Director of Educational & Clinical Services and attended the event.


“Rochester Hearing & Speech Center means a lot to me personally. I was born super early and had some delays,” Rachel shared in her remarks at the event. “People told my parents I would never talk and that I would never be as successful as other kids.” Rachel explained, joking that she wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone who ever told her parents she’d never amount to anything to “suck it.” “My parents fought for me to get the services I needed early and so I did amount to something. And Rochester Hearing & Speech Center gave me the voice to do that.” Rachel Mastin is co-owner of Need & Co Salon & Spa in Rochester.


To learn more about the Associate Board and how to get involved, click here and fill out the online interest form. A member of the Associate Board will reach out to you soon with more information.




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