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Private Academic Tutoring

Teacher with student in classroom

Private Academic Tutoring
(Pre-K to 5th Grade)

Rochester Hearing and Speech Center is now providing private academic Pre-K to 5th Grade tutoring.


Whether there are academic challenges or a student wants to enhance their academic portfolio, RHSC tutors are the experts to help! Our master teachers have worked with children of all abilities both in-person and online. Our tutoring programs are designed to help students meet their challenges while having fun!

Our master teachers work with children of all abilities. They are equipped to help your child meet their challenges and have fun doing it.

Please contact us to register and schedule tutoring sessions. Call 585-271-0680, email or click the below "Contact Us" button to fill out an inquiry form. 

We Offer
  • Tutoring for Pre-K to 5th Grade.
  • Highly qualified teachers that motivate as well as teach students.
  • Emphasis on skill acquisition rather than rote memorization.
Group Programs
Additional Individual Services
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