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Giving Tuesday

Next Tuesday, November 28th, is Giving Tuesday, a "global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world." You can participate in this movement and help make a difference and transform the lives of individuals - from newborns to seniors - in our local community when you support Rochester Hearing & Speech Center on Giving Tuesday.

Did you know Rochester Hearing & Speech Center is the only nonprofit in our area that provides hearing, speech, developmental, and special education services to individuals of all ages.

RHSC is also the only nonprofit hearing center in the greater Rochester area, and one of only two audiology providers that accepts Medicaid and Medicare for hearing devices. While for-profit hearing centers will accept Medicaid for hearing tests, they will not accept Medicaid for necessary hearing devices because there is no profit to the provider.

And did you know that RHSC is the only nonprofit provider of Early Intervention services in Monroe County, where a shortage of providers has resulted in a months-long waiting list for services? In addition to Early Intervention services for children from birth to age 3, RHSC provides FREE monthly Early Intervention Playdates for families who are waiting for services, and Preschool Developmental Services for children age 3-5.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider making your donation to Rochester Hearing & Speech Center. Your contributions help children learn to walk and talk and to lead rich and active lives. Your contributions help individuals of all ages with hearing loss better communicate with their loved ones, allowing them to fully engage with the world around them. Your support truly helps thousands of individuals “Communicate for Life!”

Visit our giving page to make a donation on Giving Tuesday or any day! Thank you for your support of Rochester Hearing & Speech Center!


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