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"They genuinely care about Gabriella and her needs and have no problem advocating for her."

Our daughter, Gabriella, was born 11 weeks early causing a long stay in the NICU and some moderate and severe developmental delays. We worked with Early Intervention before her first birthday to get her physical therapy and soon found out she needed many more services including Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. We had therapists come to our house to provide the services and then Covid happened.

All services were stopped until TeleTherapy started. We struggled with TeleTherapy for months until finally, our service coordinator recommended the developmental group at RHSC on Elmwood Ave. Our daughter went 2 days a week for a while and then started going 5 days a week as she needed more. She instantly loved going and started showing improvements almost immediately.

Lisa Sandolo, Carrie Pfluke, Mary Reardon, and Sarah Podvin have been amazing. They genuinely care about Gabriella and her needs and have no problem advocating for her.

The Rochester Hearing & Speech Center has been an amazing resource for our family. They have been so supportive through Gabriella's struggles and she has thrived beyond belief. Now she is getting ready to transition from Early Intervention to our school district and RHSC has been so helpful and prompt in making sure our daughter doesn't lose any services and everything is completed on time for a smooth transition.

Our family will truly miss working with all these amazing and truly caring people within Rochester Hearing & Speech Center.

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