Meet Mary - Audiology Services

If you were to ask me five years ago why I came to Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, my answer would have been simple. With career-defining moments in hand, I came to mentor, guide, and increase awareness of our services.


Ask me today, and my response is about my first-hand experience as a client. I improved the quality of my life because I took one hour out of my day and had my hearing checked. When I walked through the doors of our testing facility, I was treated by the highest caliber of caring, dedicated and compassionate professionals. 


I decided to get a hearing test just to get a baseline. I expected it to be a simple test with no issues. Simple test, right? No, just the opposite, the unexpected happened. I learned that I have a problem with my hearing.  I was nervous about the results but was put at ease by our team of audiologists who answered all my questions and provided personalized solutions. It is my own experience as a client, not as the CEO from behind a desk that now drives me to encourage others to seek out our services.


-Mary Balme, CEO of Rochester Hearing and Speech Center


Take a moment to view Mary’s video testimonial during one of Rochester Hearing and Speech Center’s commercials. Click "closed caption" button for captions.