Meet Aaron - Early Intervention Services

My son, Aaron, now 32, was extremely speech delayed due to a 97% hearing loss that required tubes at the age of two. He had virtually no speech or language skills until he began being served at Rochester Hearing and Speech Center by the wonderful Mary Sweeney (Speech Language Pathologist). Because of his oxygen deprivation at birth coupled with his lack of exposure to language due to his hearing loss, I worried about his ability to acquire language and speech.  Mary’s several years of play-based work with Aaron was life-changing. She taught me as well so I could be encouraging and supportive at home, and she guided his preschool teachers.


“I will always be grateful to Mary for giving Aaron the amazing gift of language and speech, and remain in touch with her to this day.” – Marilyn, Aaron’s mom


Aaron is now the Chief Operating Officer of a nonprofit in Maryland. Thank you, Mary, and Rochester Hearing and Speech Center.​