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Testimonials - Preschool/Day Care Services




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"Going Above and Beyond Proved Positive!"

We've had an absolutely wonderful experience with The Rochester Hearing and Speech Center! Christine has been an invaluable support and advocate for our daughter, Vivienne and we are beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Christine was truly a Godsend. Not only is she amazing with children--and an incredible speech therapist--but she has a vast array of knowledge and experience--especially in working with special needs children, which was immensely helpful for us.

Beyond her extensive expertise in the field, Christine is also kind, compassionate, flexible, creative, fun, adaptive, and amazingly efficient in helping children reach their goals--without them even realizing it!

Christine really went above and beyond--providing additional resources and referrals for other support services, and took an active role not only in Vivienne's speech and language development, but more importantly, in her academic and behavioral development as well.

"Christine showed a genuine interest in Vivienne's overall well-being in addition to helping her reach therapeutic success and speech goals. We can't thank her enough for all that she's done. Her insight, guidance, relentless support, and mentorship have been impactful and long-lasting, helping Vivienne pave the way for further success and development as she enters school."

– Candice, Vivienne's Mom

RHSC Client Adriano
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