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Readiness for Kindergarten now possible.

RHSC - Day Care Speech and Language Program

“Josue” was referred for a speech and language screening by his teachers in the Toddler Room at Ibero Child Care because, at nearly two years of age, he was not using more than 3 or 4 words. The dominant language in the home was Spanish, but Josue was also exposed to English all around him. His parents readily agreed to the screening as they were also concerned, but had had no idea where to turn for help. Josue was extremely active and was not able to follow directions unless shown what to do. His pretend play skills were limited. His motor skills showed no delays. The speech-language pathologist (SLP) from the Rochester Hearing and Speech Center covering the Ibero, who had learned a basic competency in Spanish in order to better fulfill her assignment, observed him in his classroom and in a quiet room when he was comfortable enough to accompany her out of his classroom.

She interviewed his teachers and parents to obtain a more complete picture of how he functioned in his daily environments.

As a result, Josue was recommended for a referral to Early Intervention, to which his parents readily agreed. He was evaluated and qualified for speech-language services for two hours a week. The SLP provided the services on a regular basis for about two years, initially in Spanish, and transitioning to English when Josue showed an interest in conversing with his English-speaking peers. He was discharged from therapy at four years of age, as he entered the UPK classroom because, with only mild delays in both languages, he no longer qualified for services. Through consultation with his classroom teachers, they were able to target his areas for needed improvement.

A screening mid-year by the SLP with Josue
revealed age-appropriate speech and language
skills and readiness for Kindergarten.

RHSC Client Adriano
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