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Testimonials - Early Intervention Services






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"It was an honor to have Christine as my son’s therapist. She is a kindhearted, compassionate, genuine, and patient individual who has made a powerful impact on my son’s life. He gained a tremendous amount of confidence while working with her. SJ can now effectively communicate at home and in school! SJ and I both miss her terribly and would recommend her talent to any family that would benefit from her services."

-KatieSue, SJ’s Mom

My son SJ was only using a few words, and it was difficult for our family to understand him at 3 yrs old. He was evaluated and started receiving speech therapy with Christine F from Rochester Hearing and Speech Center(RHSC). I am so grateful to Christine for helping my son; he loved her! I can not imagine where SJ would be without RHSC.

Christine was an exceptional therapist and the perfect fit for my son. Every day he was scheduled for speech, he would sit and look out the window, waiting for her to arrive. The smile on his face as she walked through the door was priceless!

Eventually, sessions changed to TeleTherapy. My son adjusted well as Christine always came to each session prepared and ready to teach. She took the time to develop creative activities that she knew my son would find interest in during his therapy sessions. Not only was my son learning at each session, but he was having fun as well! SJ progressed immensely during his time at RHSC with Christine. He is now is talking in complete sentences and is understood by others!

Christine’s communication with me was phenomenal. She always took time to speak with me at the end of each session to discuss what they had worked on and how I could continue to help him. She also sent emails with activities for me to do with my son. These activities were simple in context and found to be unique tips to help SJ that had never even crossed my mind!

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