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“Drew met his perfect match with Beth to help overcome his speech delays.”

Drew’s older brother, Will, was already receiving speech services through the local school system when Drew started to show signs of a speech delay at 18-months of age. Our family physician, knowing that these types of delays often run in families, recommended that we have Drew evaluated. Will had received preschool services from Rochester Hearing and Speech Center that exceeded every one of our expectations — so our choice for Drew was obvious.

It did not take Beth long to get Drew to the goals that would bring him into the “normal” range for his speech. In fact, it only took her six months. We marveled at her efficiency and were thrilled that Beth knew our son so well that she was able to help him overcome his delays so quickly. Drew even got to throw the first pitch at a Rochester Red Wings game to represent Rochester Hearing and Speech Center. He could not have been more excited about that!

​Recently, as a high school junior, Drew entered an oratory contest sponsored by the Rotary Club of Greater Rochester and was awarded the third-place prize. The college scholarship he is in line for is a testament to the fine work that Beth did with him all those years ago.

“We are forever grateful to Beth and Rochester Hearing and Speech Center for the mark they have left on our children, especially, Drew.”

– Nan and Mark, Drew’s Parents

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