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"We wanted something consistent, we kinda really wanted to take the guessing out of hearing.”

Meet Eli Flynn | Audiology Client | Musician

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I'm in a band right now currently with three different singers so having a good monitor mix was on the front of my mind I was thinking how can we make sure that our mix is going to sound great each performance and being able to hear ourselves singing is something that singers typically have to do without monitors in your monitors on the ground sometimes it can get muddy you're outside you're inside things change Engineers change so I think you know as a band we wanted something consistent we kinda really wanted to take the guessing out of hearing each other play in a live scenario the only thing that really kind of came down to what's going to happen first is deciding where we're going to spend the money and like the budget and you know because we're the system isn't cheap but there are ways you know in which you can look at it like hey we're spending this money now so we don't have to deal with this stuff later you know it was really a no-brainer I started coming to see Greg pretty much immediately after I asked him to come fit my band for in-ears I'd worked with him at a bar as a bartender and he came he with this knowledge of hearing and it was far beyond my comprehension I knew I said Greg you seem like a really smart guy but just teach me how to protect my ears on the road with my bands he came out and he fitted our bands on the spot as we were rehearsing which was super convenient for us because we all don't live in Rochester so the fact that we were together um rehearsing was even a rarity in the fact that we could get Greg to come out on site and offer this service was super huge I would share that you know how often you're exposing yourself to music is really even at low low volumes is really how you should be considering whether or not you need you know hearing protection because you know I work as a music therapist all day and I go home and then I perform with my band so it's like I'm around music 24\7 and even at a low exposure level my hearing is still being impacted in a way so a service that I think everybody should be doing and taken care of because you know uh hearing aids are expensive I think it's really important to consider your hearing and not just you know as a young performer as a middle-aged performer as an older performer you know there's always room for protection and preventing damage and no matter the environment you're in and working with you know people like Rochester Hearing and Speech Center and having that connection here in Rochester is super helpful because it's right here for us we don't have to go searching for it

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