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Who Likes It Loud? A concert-goer seeks to protect his hearing while enjoying the show.

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Part 1. Watch Bob Russell Get Fitted with Custom Hearing Protection Devices!

As an avid concert-goer, RHSC's President & CEO, Bob Russell often finds himself exposed to the loud music of live shows and decided to do something to protect his hearing at future concerts. We followed his journey of getting custom ear protection, from earmolds to the final fitting, with our Director of Audiology, Dr. Greg Horton.

In the first of two videos we'll share (below), Dr. Horton walks us through the steps of how these molds are created and how easy it is to do. The molds being created for Bob will allow him to enjoy concerts with higher fidelity, which maintains the quality of the music and provides for a much more enjoyable concert experience compared to using foam earplugs. Dr. Horton also explains the different types of ear protection available for those who use loud equipment and ride motorcycles!

Bob and Dr. Horton will be back in a few weeks with another video to show how to put the earplugs in and how they fit!

Part 2. Bob Gets His Earplugs!

Just in time for his upcoming concerts, Bob's earplugs are now in and Dr. Horton shows him how to insert them. Bob learns how easy they are to insert into each ear and discovers how comfortable they are to wear. Watch below to see Bob and Greg explain how they fit, how long they last, and why it's important to have this protection at concert venues.

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