Meet Ryan - Early Intervention Services

"He’s a Dynamo! Nothing will stop him now."

Ryan Climbing.jpg

Early Intervention Developmental Group

Ryan was born prematurely at twenty-four weeks. After making minimal progress in his previous
program, his parents were determined to get the assistance he needed. When Ryan’s parents
discovered the Early Intervention Developmental Group at RHSC, everything changed!


The classroom setting connected and enhanced all of his services. Ryan was 3 ½ years old when he finished the program. His parents could not have been happier with his progress.

Within a few short months, his speech dramatically improved and he even learned some basic sign

Additionally, Ryan went from having no interest in walking to running and climbing!


“The clinicians at RHSC have become part of our family. They taught my husband and me how we can best help Ryan reinforce all that he’s
learning in his class. They are always just a phone call away,” said Samantha, Ryan’s mom.

“Thanks to RHSC, Ryan is thriving and
gaining new skills rapidly. He’s a 
Dynamo! Nothing will stop him now.”

~Samantha, Ryan’s mom