Meet Lorenzo - Preschool Services

"I could not believe my eyes and ears!"

Lorenzo Leege - Preschool Testimonial 9.

Lorenzo was born premature at three pounds and nine ounces. Thankfully he had no effects of being so tiny until he got older. The family noticed that Lorenzo did not speak at the age when most kids started. At two years old, the family enrolled Lorenzo in an Early Intervention program with very little success. Remaining diligent with the understanding some kids may speak later than others, the family continued speech therapy. After six months, the family moved and was not able to continue speech therapy with the same therapist which they saw still no progress. At that time, Lorenzo was three years old and had a vocabulary of only five words.


Maria, Lorenzo's mother, knew there had to be more to why he was not speaking. During a conversation, a friend suggested Lorenzo may have a speech disorder known as Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Maria could not help but think every symptom being described was Lorenzo. Finally, something the family can work with; they quickly asked around for speech therapy recommendations. Rochester Hearing and Speech Center came highly recommended and they immediately scheduled an initial evaluation. During Lorenzo’s evaluation, Maria mentioned the possibility that Lorenzo may have signs of Childhood Apraxia of Speech and asked for Lorenzo to been seen by an expert in this field.

“What a blessing,” Lorenzo’s mom indicated as he was assigned to work with Deb, a speech-language therapist who forever changed her son’s life. Deb immediately evaluated Lorenzo and shortly confirmed that he indeed had Childhood Apraxia of Speech. It was like a heavy weight was lifted and the intense work could now begin. Small, no pressure goals were set up for Lorenzo where Deb worked with him for 30-minute sessions, four times a week at the Rochester/Brighton location.

This time around was different for Lorenzo. “Miss Deb," as she was affectionately called helped the family realize some mind-blowing things — Lorenzo did not even know how to move his tongue to make the simplest of sounds. His mom, Maria mimicked Deb’s techniques at home which furthered the progress of Lorenzo’s therapy. Within six months, Lorenzo went from using hand gestures and pointing to express his needs and wants to using actual words. Lorenzo continued his therapy for a year and a half while attending preschool. Lorenzo is now five years old and is in Kindergarten. He no longer needs speech therapy and is now focused on being the best kid ever. Not to mentioned doing great in school.


Lorenzo’s time with Deb made such an impact on Lorenzo’s life; he mentions her from time to time. Like the time he emphasized a word and commented “See, I don’t need Miss Deb to teach me anymore but maybe sometime I can go and play games with her cause I miss her sooooo much!”


The entire family attributes Lorenzo’s overwhelming success due to the speech therapy provide by Deb. Maria, his mom, commented that she was brought to tears while giving her son’s testimony. The family is forever in debt to Rochester Hearing and Speech Center.


“I could not believe my eyes and ears! Honestly, Lorenzo is a happier kid; he is no longer getting frustrated with us or himself!


I don’t know what we would have done without “Miss Deb” and Rochester Hearing and Speech Center.”

– Maria, Lorenzo's Mom