Meet Amie and Alex

Audiology and Early Intervention Services

"It was kind of an accident with how I found you!"


Audiology Services


Amie was experiencing mild hearing loss in the summer of 2017. Under the care of her Ear Nose & Throat specialist, she was referred to an
audiologist for further testing. Amie had an "aha moment" upon seeing RHSC as one of the referral options.  As her son Alex was already a client, Amie did not hesitate to call RHSC to make an appointment.


Although she had received prior tests at other facilities, Amie felt her voice was heard for the first time when coming to RHSC. Dr. Greg Horton
took the time to listen to her story and understand her concerns.


Amie’s ENT diagnosed her with Meniere’s disease. When she came to RHSC she was provided with an
individualized plan with tailored solutions. Based on her high satisfaction, Amie has told us she will not go anywhere else!

Early Intervention Developmental Group


Alex, Amie’s son, came to RHSC at 18-months due to a speech delay. Only able to say one word, “Ball,” he received weekly 1-hour home sessions with a speech pathologist.


With guidance from his speech pathologist, Alex was able to repeat words on demand and felt more comfortable interacting. After almost a year, Alex was on track for his age!

[Alex’s speech pathologist]
was wonderful with Alex. I loved that
she kept him engaged even when he didn’t want to be. She would go with the flow with him. I couldn’t ask for more.” 

~Amie, Alex’s mom