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February Appeal
Audiology Services | Hearing Aids & Devices | Educational & Clinical Services
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Dear Friend,


If you were to ask me three years ago why I came to Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, my answer would have been simple. With career defining moments in hand, I came to mentor, guide, and increase awareness of our services.


Ask me today, and my response is about my first-hand experience as a client. I improved the quality of my life because I took one hour out of my day and had my hearing checked. When I walked through the doors of our testing facility, I was treated by the highest caliber of caring, dedicated and compassionate professionals. 


Simple test right? No, just the opposite, the unexpected happened. I learned that I have a problem with my hearing.  I was nervous about the results, but was put at ease by our team of audiologists who answered all my questions and provided personalized solutions. It is my own experience as a client, not as the CEO from behind a desk that now drives me to encourage others to seek out our services.


As we start the New Year, we look back and reflect on our past – and the contributions of the many, many people who helped along the way – we know we did not get here alone. Your support has been essential in keeping Rochester Hearing and Speech Center’s doors open. Thank you!


As health care advances and needs continue to grow, RHSC remains committed to meeting the challenge of providing the highest standards of quality care and cutting-edge technologies – for you, your loved ones, and every person in the community.  In support of our promise and commitment, we invite you to come aboard as we journey toward our Centennial Anniversary. We are 97 Years Strong! Your investment in RHSC helps our professionals touch the lives of thousands and provide a haven for those who may lack the voice to ask for help or the ability to pay.  We are eager to help everyone in our community who will benefit from our services.

Peter K. Hixson, one of my predecessors, said, “You will get my undivided attention, my best understanding of your problem, my guarantee to work with you to find solutions.” This is printed on every staff member’s ID badge, including my own. What an inspiring message to all who walk through our doors. On the reverse side of this letter you will see the stories of a few people who have walked through our doors. Their stories are different than mine, but like me, their lives were improved by the work of Rochester Hearing & Speech Center.


Consider making an investment in Rochester Hearing and Speech Center by donating online by clicking the "Invest in RHSC | Donate Now!" button.


Thank You,



Mary L. Balme

President and CEO

Communication for Life

We are committed to helping children and adults develop the skills and abilities necessary to communicate for life. 
Our goal is to help you and those you love share life’s most precious moments by assisting you in developing the best possible hearing and speech abilities at every stage of your life.

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